Whether you are buying a practice or need help with expansion we can help you navigate the sea of confusion when it comes to practice financing options. We've worked directly with lenders for over 18 years and understand what the banks require.

We will help you present your plan in a professional and readable manner to insure a credit approval. Plus we'll review your various loan options and help structure the best loan to meet your cash flow requirements.

Our financing services include:
  • Practice Acquisition Loans: We understand that most buyers have large student loans and often need to obtain 100% financing. All the lenders we work with are proven and reputable companies. We've help educate them on the nuances of the profession. This insures a better opportunity for a loan approval and a structure that meets your cash flow needs.
  • Partnership Buy-in Loans: Buying into a practice can be complicated. We can help in structuring a fair agreement for all partners. Several of our key referral lenders have special programs designed for junior doctors to buy-into existing practices. This provides upfront cash for the senior doctor eliminating the need for a seller note.
  • Real Estate Loans: Purchasing real estate is an excellent method of building equity in your practice. We can help obtain practice loans with terms up to 25 years.All about Practice Loans.
All About Loans

There are essential two types of loans available for businesses. Those based on cashflow and those based on assets.

  • Cashflow Lenders approve loans based on the profit or cashflow of the business or practice. They are not interested in the value of the equipment. Generally in these circumstances the assets would be of little or no value if a lender re-possessed them. Any service businesses and most medical practices fall into this category. Attorneys, accountants, doctors and advertising agencies are all examples service related businesses. The "value" of these businesses - the owner or staff - goes home at night.
  • Asset Based Lenders approve loans based on the collateral or asset pledged. This collateral insures that if re-possessed the lender will be able to sell the collateral and recover the entire loan balance. The main focus is the value of the asset. The best example of this is residential real estate loans. Most lenders will loan up to 80% of the appraised value of the home often times with little or no verification of income. Asset lenders usually work with such industries and manufacturers, heavy construction companies, material handlers or transportation outfits.

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